Hiring A Pressure Washing Company

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Have you ever hired a pressure-washing company? Do you know what to look for, or what services they provide? Not all pressure-washing companies are the same, so it’s important to do your research and find a company that can provide the specific services you need. Do you need services for residential washing or commercial washing?

There are pressure-washing companies that focus on residential projects only, such as homes, personal storage buildings, decks, and driveways, and others that focus on commercial projects only, such as retail centers, government facilities, and warehouses. There are also companies that offer a range of services for multiple projects, including residential, commercial, equestrian, pools, parking lots, and equipment cleaning.

If you’re hiring a pressure washing company, here are the top five questions you should ask:

1.      What services does your company offer?

It’s important to know what services a pressure washing company offers so you can verify that they offer the specific service that fits your needs. The range of services across the board includes roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning, soft washing, paver sealing, pool deck cleaning, driveway washing, building exterior washing, and concrete pressure washing, just to name a few.

2.      Is your company licensed and insured?

Using a pressure washing company that is licensed and insured is key to having a job completed to your satisfaction. It ensures that you get the competence and skill-set needed for that profession or trade. When you hire an insured company, it means that a third-party (insurance company) has elected to take on risks on their behalf. To get quality and peace of mind, hire a pressure washing company that is licensed and insured.

3.      What type of pressure washing does your company offer?

Always ask what type of pressure washing the company offers. Pressure washing can include low-pressure washing, high-pressure washing, hot water pressure washing, and soft washing. Based on the product being washed, you want to use a washing that will get rid of dirt and grime without delivering too much power or heat that could cause damage.

4.      Do you offer a guarantee and/or provide a warranty for services performed?

It’s important to know if a company will provide a guarantee of their services. Some companies will offer a no-damage guarantee so ask them about it first. The guarantee will more likely ensure that the service worker will act with skill, care, and diligence. Always ask if the company will provide a warranty for their services. They may provide a product warranty, a limited warranty, or no warranty.

5.      What level of customer service may I expect during and after services?

It’s important to know what their customer service looks like. Is it an in-person response, a phone or email response, or a combination of each? This is important because it sets expectations for the work performed.

Inspired Living Realty

Make sure to do your research before hiring a pressure-washing company to avoid a disastrous outcome. If you’re at a loss, or just too busy to look around, Inspired Living Realty keeps a list of local service providers that we can recommend. Contact us today for additional information about our buyer, seller, or investor services.